LJ (olivereindeer) wrote in genitalmods,

Clit Hood Piercing/UTI

I had clit hood piercing last week and the actual piercing is great - vertical hood, bolt and two balls. It is only slightly sore and no nasty ooze. Been keeping it really clean as recommended.

However, two days ago I got a UTI (urinary tract infection) and I presume this is related to having some bacteria crawl up my urethra from the piercing. I did some test run mastubating on the same day it started! I am prone to UTI's anyhow but has anyone had any UTI's after piercings?

Also, how long do you need to keep the original piercing before you can change it? (i want to have a curved bar) and when I put the new one in do I insert it from the top or the bottom (which is tucked up under my clit hood)
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