Just me (violet_flames) wrote in genitalmods,
Just me

Triangle musings

A couple of years ago, I really REALLY wanted to get a triangle piercing. However, I found that my piercer really REALLY doesn't think they are a good idea on 99% of women or maybe more. I ended up getting a vertical hood, that never healed. So that in itself doesn't bode well for a triangle.

Last weekend I got a new tragus piercing and had a different and female piercer at the same studio. She said her first vertical didn't heal, but the second time she did it, it worked out well. Which got me to thinking about getting another vertical, which got me thinking about getting a triangle.

I've moved (and was visiting last weekend) since I got my VCH piercing, and realized there might be someone more pro-triangles in town, and to my surprise a lady that trained at Rings of Desire lives in Atlanta and comes recommended by Elayne Angel.

So my question for ya'll is has anyone gotten a triangle piercing at Virtue & Vice in Atlanta?

I plan to talk to my old piercer again when I go get my other tragus done in 2 weeks, so I will be reminded why this may not work for me, but I'd also like to talk to someone who actually does a lot of triangles.

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