me (penisxcore) wrote in genitalmods,

healing after taking out jewelry

so ive had an ampallang for the past 2 years or so (im 20 now and got it shortly after turning 18). but due to current circusmstances ive ultimately decided to take it out. the problem is i know have holes on either side of my penis. im sure this will heal with time but does anyone recommend treatments to reduce scarring and make it heal faster. any help would be appreciated.
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Fortunately, penile tissue heals very quickly. They will probably close up within two weeks, and be near-completely healed within a month. Unfortunately, I wouldn't use any OTC scarring ointments on your penis. Just wash normally and rinse well. Salt soaks wouldn't be a bad idea, either.
I have to pry, what circumstances made you take it out? nude modeling gig?
im a pornographic model. it hasnt been a problem up until recently. ive had to start taking it out for certain companies. after a couple hours it hurts way too much to put it back in. its like my cock gets bruised and im useless for at least a day.
millatary or jail were my other two guesses.
have it ultimately healed? how fast?
very practical question :)